Would you like to fly in the World Cup area? During the 2007 edition, in this neighborhood, all WC records in term of flown kilometers have been beaten! The site of Valcava was one of the waypoints used during the competition, and it is a much less crowded flying site than others nearby.

To get here is easy: if you are familiar with low cost airlines, you surely know that many of them land in Milan Orio al Serio airport. Telling the truth, this is the airport of Bergamo (the city is just a couple of minutes away from the terminal). From there you can either have a 30 min drive heading in Lecco direction (Caprino Bergamasco is halfway between Bergamo and Lecco) or you can catch a  train going in the same direction and in 20 minutes you'll arrive at the Cisano - Caprino Bergamasco station.

Take off and landing zone are suitable for all kind of pilots, the landscape is gorgeous, the XC potential huge. Don't hesitate to contact us for any inquiry.

We speak english, on parle francais, wir sprechen deutsch (leider nur ein wenig....)